Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning Detects Risk Before it Becomes a Problem

Data breaches expose billions of records every year, costing companies millions of dollars in lost business, tarnished reputations, and remediation costs. Vulnerability scanning examines your entire network and every device connected to it, searching for vulnerabilities that can put your organization at risk.

ACT uses intelligent tools to analyze the inside of your network, as well as the outside perimeter. The reports are sent to our SOC security engineers, who analyze the information, assess the risk, and propose solutions to remedy the issues before they cause your business a problem.

Vulnerability scanning completes another piece of the puzzle when securing your network. For best results, ACT recommends a vulnerability scan at least quarterly.

Vulnerability scanning is available to all Managed Security Service clients. Contact an ACT specialist today to learn how a Vulnerability Scan can benefit your organization.

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