Email Security

Reduce the Chances of a Data Breach by Improving Email Security

A lack of email security is the most significant source of security breaches.

The most basic way to improve email security is a spam filter. Spam filters are standard and often built-in to email applications, such as Outlook. The standard filters sort out suspicious and promotional emails from your inbox by placing them in a separate folder or tab, sometimes called ‘junk,’ ‘spam,’ ‘promotional,’ or ‘other.’ This may keep your inbox more organized, but there is a glaring downside. The malicious email has still been delivered through your network and onto a device.  

ACT recommends more advanced email security for most businesses. We install an advanced third-party spam filter that is cloud-based. This advanced filter removes spam, junk email, suspicious attachments, and malicious URLs before they get to your network. Because the malicious items never reach your network or individual computers, it dramatically reduces your chances of infection due to viruses and user error.

The email security system delivers a daily digest to each user, alerting them to what was blocked and giving them the option of releasing the communication into their inbox. Combined with security awareness training, you can feel confident that your employees are acting responsibly.

Certain industries may want to take email security a step further, instituting email encryption, as well. Industries such as healthcare, finance, banking, accounting, and law need to send confidential and sensitive information every day. Learn how email encryption can protect those communications.

Email security is available to all Managed Security Service clients. Contact an ACT specialist today to learn how you can implement more robust email security inside your organization.

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