Disk Encryption

Disk Encryption Encrypts Every Bit of Data, Making it Virtually Impossible to Steal Your Data

Disk encryption protects your information by converting all your data into unreadable code that an unauthorized person cannot easily decipher. For example, your computer cannot be started without a pre-boot authentication password. Furthermore, the actual data is encrypted, eliminating the possibility of a breach should the hard drive be stolen.

Disk encryption is beneficial in a variety of instances. For example:

  • Specific industries, such as healthcare and financial services, maintain such sensitive data about their patients and clients that they require most, if not all, of their devices to be encrypted.
  • If you or your employees travel often, disk encryption provides an extra layer of security should a device be lost or stolen.
  • If you are trying to achieve compliance, disk encryption is essential.
  • If you recycle hardware – such as laptops, desktops, external storage drives, flash drives, or mobile devices – knowing that you’ve instituted disk encryption can give you peace of mind a dumpster diver will not steal your data.

Disk encryption is built-in to ACT’s Managed Security Service offering. Contact an ACT specialist today to learn more.

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