Dark Web Monitoring

The “dark web” is a section of the Internet containing hidden websites only accessible to individuals with special access privileges using a special browser. Search engines do not index the dark web, and IP addresses are masked. Due to this privacy level, the dark web has become a haven for criminals seeking to buy, sell, and trade stolen data.

Dark web monitoring – also known as cyber monitoring – is an identity theft prevention service that is part of ACT’s Managed Security Service offering. It helps ensure your employee’s passwords and login credentials, as well as the data stored on your server, have not been stolen unbeknownst to you. ACT monitors your information and server activity, checking web pages, blogs, social media feeds, bulletin boards, chat rooms, forums, peer-to-peer sharing networks, and more. Our security engineers are immediately notified if your information is found online and begin remediation efforts.

Dark Web Monitoring is included in ACT’s Managed Security Service offering. Learn how Dark Web Monitoring can protect your business and its reputation. Contact an ACT specialist today to learn more.

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