Fulfilling the Special IT Needs of Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations play an important role in our communities, assisting with life’s challenges and in times of crises. While many of their IT needs are similar to for-profit businesses, they face funding issues, compliance requirements and emergency situations that can significantly impact operations, requiring a different approach to technology support and planning.

Well-versed in the unique needs and procedures of non-profit organizations, ACT provides value-added technology services to non-profit health centers, schools and government agencies of all sizes and types. These organizations rely on ACT to design technology plans and provide proactive, cost-effective IT support that helps them fulfill their missions. Working closely with management and staff on-site and remote, ACT expertly assesses their current and future technology requirements, assists with grant applications and helps implement approved projects. Operating as an outsourced IT department, ACT reliably ensures that network and communication systems run smoothly, remain accessible and secure, and are prepared to swiftly overcome any crises, including power loss and natural disasters. Like a non-profit’s commitment to their constituents, ACT is dedicated to ensuring their clients receive the best service possible.

Services that our non-profit clients find valuable include:

  • Disaster recovery solutions.
  • Security and firewall solutions.
  • Assistance with grant applications.
  • IT planning and project management.
  • 24/7/365 support and emergency response.
  • Hardware and software selection, implementation and training.
  • Desktop, server and network monitoring, maintenance and support.
  • Installation and maintenance of backup, storage and archival systems.
  • Secure, cloud-based document management systems and document scanning.
  • Installation and support of centralized time and billing systems, as well as research and compliance software packages.
  • Remote access capabilities and uninterrupted access to critical software and communications.
  • Managed IT Services, allowing us to monitor your environment 24/7/365 and correct issues before they become problems.

How ACT Can Help Your Non-Profit Organization Succeed

Our experienced, certified IT professionals begin by conducting a thorough site assessment to understand your needs and goals, and determine if your organization is vulnerable and meeting all necessary compliance requirements. We then outline recommendations and implement changes in a non-intrusive manner. Finally, through our managed IT services, we monitor your systems 24/7/365, allowing us to address issues before they become problems.

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