Technology Solutions Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Law Firm

A law firm’s ability to operate efficiently and profitably is as important to its success as the favorable resolution of its cases. Nothing furthers that quest as much as reliable, secure information technology services. Attorneys and their staff must be able to accurately track their time, confidently access real-time information, and quickly communicate. They must be able to do so from remote locations and after hours.

ACT’s technology experts are highly trained and experienced in serving the needs of the legal industry. A trusted partner to small and medium-size law firms in the New Jersey/New York tri-state area, ACT has a reputation for helping law firms win cases, save money, and further their growth endeavors.

With ACT as your technology partner, you will experience improved office productivity, operational efficiency, enhanced security, lower costs, and minimal downtime. Services that our law firm clients find valuable include:

  • Disaster recovery solutions.
  • Security and firewall solutions.
  • IT planning and project management.
  • 24/7/365 support and emergency response.
  • Desktop, server and network monitoring, maintenance and support.
  • Installation and maintenance of backup, storage and archival systems.
  • Secure, cloud-based document management systems and document scanning.
  • Installation and support of centralized time and billing systems, as well as research and compliance software packages.
  • Remote access capabilities, including portable device synchronization and uninterrupted access to critical software and communications.
  • Managed IT Services, allow us to monitor your environment 24/7/365 and correct issues before they become problems.

Green Technology Solutions That are Efficient and Cost-Effective

Tired of boxing up old files and paying thousands of dollars for storage? Worried about losing critical documents and archives to fire or flood? Implement a secure document management system that will:

  • Save you money.
  • Free up your staff for more profitable and productive work.
  • Rid your office of files, opening up valuable office space for people and meeting space.
  • Provide peace of mind that all your archives are secure and easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Helping Law Firms Win Cases through Enhanced IT Solutions

The right IT solution can make your discovery process easier. ACT has become an invaluable, albeit transparent, member of many litigation support teams by assisting with forensic analysis and the discovery process. When hard drives and email records are subpoenaed, ACT can help. We have experience extracting and organizing the data you need, and importing it into software where your attorneys can analyze it.

Contact us ACT to schedule a free consultation today. A comprehensive network analysis and security assessment will provide you with customized recommendations in line with your law firm’s needs.

Improve and grow your business with a smarter IT solution.